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Are you looking for a marketing agency or consultant to help you implement the Story Brand concepts in your business?

WSI is a marketing agency with offices in New Orleans & Washington DC specializing in serving home services contractors. We have completed the Story Brand courses and use the methodology with every client as well as in our own marketing!

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It’s the Message...

We’ve got a saying around here:

“If your marketing isn’t working, it’s the message, not the medium.”

What we mean is that whenever there are problems with marketing, it’s most often because the message doesn’t resonate with the target audience and NOT because you chose the wrong platform.

That’s where Story Brand comes in.

When you follow the Story Brand guidelines, you’re forced to focus on the customer instead of your own business.

The result? Pure magic!

Story Brand Principles

The core concepts of Story Brand are simple to understand but a little harder to actually implement.

Here’s the 7 steps of the Story Brand process:

  • 1. A character
  • 2. Who wants something
  • 3. With a problem
  • 4. Who meets a guide
  • 5. Who gives them a plan
  • 6. That calls them to action
  • 7. Which results in success or failure

The Story Brand Challenge

The absolute HARDEST part of implementing Story Brand principles in your business is that you’re TOO CLOSE to your own business!

Some people call it the “Curse of Knowledge”.

We call it “Clarity”.

Whatever you call it, the reality is that most people are too wrapped up in industry-speak or too close to their own business to simplify it down to work within the Story Brand framework.

That’s where we come in!

We provide the outside point of view your missing.

Then we provide the help crafting the message and implementing the message in your marketing.

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