Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers

Most traditional approaches to generating leads for manufacturers have not changed in what seems like forever.

If you’re in the business, you know what they are... Advertising in trade magazines, direct mail, reps pounding the streets, and of course, trade shows.

The problem, or perhaps the opportunity, is that marketing is evolving, and these approaches, while still effective, fall flat without a good website and well conceived inbound marketing plan to support them.

That's where we come in. WSI offers customized inbound marketing programs for manufacturers. Contact us for a free consultation.

Manufacturing Marketing Experience

At WSI, our areas of experience within the manufacturing sector include industrial, commercial and residential focused products.

Our inbound marketing strategies for manufacturers include:

Persona creationPersona creation

Website developmentWebsite development


Creation of premium content & offersCreation of premium content & offers

Pay per click, display & retargetingPay per click, display & retargeting

Lead nurturingLead nurturing

Marketing automationMarketing automation

Social media sales strategiesSocial media sales strategies

Tracking & reportingTracking & reporting

How We Help Manufacturers Reach Their Sales Goals

Here are just a few of the ways we partner with our manufacturing clients to help them generate more leads using inbound marketing:

  • We understand the basics within manufacturing of design, production, capacity and quality control
  • We learn the competitive differences of your niche within the manufacturing industry.
  • We get to know your customer profiles so we can focus marketing efforts
  • We are able to work with the small business owner or with marketing managers and their teams at larger firms.
  • We use a consistent process to ensure best results
  • We create a unique marketing plan for each company based on their individual needs.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing

Our approach uses inbound marketing to attract visitors to your website rather than trying to catch them as they walk by your trade show booth.

Once they visit your site, our goal is to convert them into good leads, increase your customer base which ultimately leads to increased sales.

How do we do that? At WSI, we follow basic principles for online inbound marketing.


We attract people to your online presence using many different tools including keywords, social media platforms and blogs.


Visitors are converted into potential leads through the use of calls to action, landing pages or online forms.


Once a list of potential leads are drawn up they are acted upon.


Finally, once customers have used your service, and you impress them, they return again and again while becoming company promoters at the same time.

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