Do Consumers Trust Google More Than Traditional Media?

Jun 23,2015 Posted by to Google

A poll from Edelman in late 2014 found out some rather interesting news that doesn’t bode well for traditional media.

The poll discovered that online search engines such as Google were considered more trustworthy.


This trend has been occurring for

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Can Financial Service Professionals Safely Use Social Media?

Jun 20,2015 Posted by to social media

The question for this blog post is “can financial service professionals safely use social media”?

computer use

The short answer is YES – many already are.

Statistically speaking, the majority of financial service companies are involved with using social media. In fact, research

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New website launch for Traina & Associates

Jun 19,2015 Posted by to website development

Every once in awhile we come across a client in an industry so complicated we’re never quite sure what they do.

That was certainly the case when we met the folks at Traina & Associates.

From what we understand, the firm offers security audits for large enterprises. Given

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New website launch for Tax Attorneys

Jun 19,2015 Posted by to website development

This week we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new website for one of the leading tax law firms in the Chicago area – the Law Firm of Relias & Tsonis.

When they came to us, the firm did not have a website at all, and

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