Free Infographic: How to Get a Competitive Advantage Online

Mar 30,2015 Posted by to Infographic

These days everyone’s looking for an edge, and WSI has found some interesting tips hidden inside industry statistics. Check out these stats which may blow your mind.


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Like it, love it, gotta have it for mobile websites

Mar 13,2015 Posted by to mobile websites

There’s an ice cream store chain which sizes it’s ice cream in a couple of different ways.

One size is “like it”, then there’s “love it” and the biggest size is “gotta have it”.

Simple, genius.

That’s a good analogy for thinking about mobile phones and website.

Just about everyone likes accessing the

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Get rankings for long tail keywords with good content

Mar 13,2015 Posted by to internet marketing

Just about every project we work on has a “trophy” phrase…a keyword that the owner likes to check and see where they stand.  This is usually a broad 1-2 word phrase like “gas lights” for instance.

The problem with these 1-2 word phrases is that they’re often full of

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Web Advertising Continues to Grow, But Are You Missing Out?

Mar 05,2015 Posted by to online marketing

Every year, one thing you can count on is that web advertising will continue to grow.

As print ads continue to decline, the money in web advertising seems to go up and up.

According to, Internet advertising boasted 16.9% growth in 2014 and is expected to grow

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