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Free Infographic: How to Get a Competitive Advantage Online

Posted on March 30th, 2015 by

These days everyone’s looking for an edge, and WSI has found some interesting tips hidden inside industry statistics. Check out these stats which may blow your mind.

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Like it, love it, gotta have it for mobile websites

Posted on March 13th, 2015 by

There’s an ice cream store chain which sizes it’s ice cream in a couple of different ways. One size is “like it”, then there’s “love it” and the biggest size is “gotta have it”. Simple, genius. That’s a good analogy for thinking about mobile phones and website. Just about everyone likes accessing the web from their […]

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Get rankings for long tail keywords with good content

Posted on March 13th, 2015 by

Just about every project we work on has a “trophy” phrase…a keyword that the owner likes to check and see where they stand.  This is usually a broad 1-2 word phrase like “gas lights” for instance. The problem with these 1-2 word phrases is that they’re often full of mixed results because search engines aren’t […]

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Web Advertising Continues to Grow, But Are You Missing Out?

Posted on March 5th, 2015 by

Every year, one thing you can count on is that web advertising will continue to grow. As print ads continue to decline, the money in web advertising seems to go up and up. According to, Internet advertising boasted 16.9% growth in 2014 and is expected to grow by 15% for the next two years. […]

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Smartphone Statistics You Might Not Believe

Posted on March 2nd, 2015 by

It is common knowledge that smartphone use continues to increase. Smartphone capabilities are no longer seen as superfluous but are recognized for how they can make people more productive as workers, consumers, and even commuters. Here are some statistics that will make your jaw drop: There Will Be Two Billion Smartphone Users Worldwide by 2016 […]

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New website launch for Leadership St. Tammany

Posted on February 27th, 2015 by

It’s website launch Friday again! This week, we’re going to take a look at our latest project which is a new website for the folks at Leadership St. Tammany. Project Background Leadership St. Tammany has been around since 1993, and they take local citizens from all walks of life including business, politic, medicine and non-profit […]

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WSI launches new site for Weimer Family Dentistry

Posted on January 30th, 2015 by

Dentists take pride in helping their patients get a great new smile…alot like we take pride in helping clients look great online! This week we’re featuring a case study for a local dentist who was ready for an online makeover, but instead of drilling cavities and whitening teeth, we did a design overhaul and setup […]

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Google’s Top 10 Searches in 2014

Posted on December 17th, 2014 by

I’m a sucker for “Top” lists at the end of the year….top 40 songs, top movies, whatever it is I’ll read it. So how about this one – “Top 10 Google Searches in 2014“? It got my attention! Before I give you the list, take a minute and think about 2014 and make a few […]

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How are you planning to reach your marketing goals in 2015?

Posted on December 11th, 2014 by

I love December! It’s a great time to reflect back on what went right and what went wrong during the year, and a chance to reflect on potential changes for the coming year. 2014 was certainly a busy year in the internet marketing world, and the pace of change is not slowing up. In fact, […]

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New website launch for FBT Film

Posted on December 5th, 2014 by
FBT Film & Entertainment

Our 3rd site launch announcement on “Site Launch Friday” is another makeover, this time for our friends over at FBT Film & Entertainment. FBT Film provides a number of financial services and tax credits to Louisiana’s quickly growing entertainment industry, so it’s important to make a good first impression, especially when dealing with creative film […]

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